Meet Baton Rouge Dentist Dr. O’Shee

Dr. O'Shee - October 2020

Dr. Seth O’Shee is a Baton Rouge dentist and the leader of our College Family Dentistry team. Dr. O’Shee is an LSU alumni who graduated in 2010. He then pursued a career in Dentistry. During his years in dental school, he met the love of his life, Sabrina Portwood. The two married in December 2017 and graduated dental school together in May of 2018.

During his free time, Dr. O’Shee loves to play with his puppy, Max. He also enjoys free writing and woodworking when the opportunity arises.

Dr. O’Shee continues to dedicate his time and energy to the pursuit of exceptional family dentistry in Baton Rouge. He strives to provide high quality of care to his patients without forgetting the care and compassion that they deserve with each appointment. 

With an office right down the street from LSU, dentist dreams have come true for Dr. O’Shee. He is so happy to be serving the community where he spent his college years. Whether he’s seeing young patients as a pediatric dentist or helping to perfect smiles as a cosmetic dentist, Dr. O’Shee is committed to providing top quality care to all of his Baton Rouge dentist patients.